About Us

It has been a long journey that started 3 years ago.

We take pride in working hard and we understand the importance of learning everyday.

Yaheard, LLC started in 2015 and we’ve been learning ever since.  Back in March 2016 we released our MVP on the Apple store.  Since then we have been working on releasing the official version of yaheard.  We established our core beleifs and we feel that it is what defines our brand.  The brand is what will allow us to have a competitve advantage and is the influences how we work.

We owe a huge thanks to our community, family, and friends who have supported us on our journey thus far. We hope that you all continue to do so.

It is our mission to deliver what we promise. We are changing the way we debate online. Along with using cutting edge technology to address point-of-sale inefficiencies, our mobile application improves the visibility and skill of our users’ debates and opinions while the data provided drives sales for our vendors.

Have Yaheard?!