Win up to $500 Dollars


Yaheard is hosting a Black Friday competition for Ambassador’s Program members. We are giving a cash prize to the Ambassador who gets the most Yaheard app signups. The deadline is November 27, 2020 (Black Friday) and the competition starts now!

What do you mean by up to $500?

Once the deadline has been reached we will count the ambassador referrals to decide the winner. Shown below, are the ambassador referral codes respective to the usernames at the time of the competition start. The ambassador with the most referrals will be awarded $2 dollars per signup with a cap of $500



How will I know I got credit for my sign up?

Each new member your refer will need to enter your ambassador code in the ‘Account Settings’ in order for you to receive credit towards your signup total. The code will look like the following: YHD16.  Your code is listed below in the table next to your username. The video below is a short instructional video on how to enter the referral code. Once you enter your code you will receive a notification from the Yaheard app as confirmation. You can also view your notifications tab to see the confirmation notification.


Any questions? Email us at!

2020 Black Friday Signup Competition Deadline








Username Ambassador Code
abdul YHD104
aleclopez YHD1425
alinx_1 YHD201
andrew YHD50
aricaza YHD74
bachatapapii YHD159
bj0hn5 YHD488
brittanyb YHD1348
cassz YHD32
cephasine YHD1422
checko YHD1340
chyderah YHD1430
cocogotit YHD166
creativoliver YHD1436
csharp YHD110
dalte YHD1319
darealandre3k YHD1216
deanarvan YHD18
djmartinjones YHD474
domepeace_ YHD1398
doubleupwill YHD1354
elijahshere YHD1665
fuskathehomie YHD95
gabe559 YHD112
gatsbypowers YHD11
heba YHD1052
icexboogie YHD267
isaacrhoads YHD1746
jaili YHD193
jameelxo YHD1437
jasmine YHD37
jaypue YHD7
jjdaballer YHD1610
john YHD1407
jpone YHD1760
kayinla YHD25
kepin YHD1243
kojotoronto YHD1788
kourtdub YHD23
lilbrick YHD288
mcghee143rd YHD1527
mijo YHD28
mnjsales YHD1339
mpowell4 YHD51
mqrck YHD1450
mqrck YHD1450
mv_dre YHD1217
niceuche_ YHD1700
nghthwll YHD92
nosleep_l3 YHD1318
ogdabeast YHD1426
ojknows YHD1640
qui YHD12
realjoe04 YHD1438
rudegalre YHD1333
santanadinero YHD1335
schasing YHD17
situationship YHD198
sosasonko YHD35
thehakimomar YHD10
thejoshmoore YHD412
thinkoutl0ud YHD1239
timelesseagle YHD136
timg YHD1853
tyler3 YHD1615
unclerod YHD258
zemmy_92 YHD199
zemmyboy94 YHD41
zvalverde YHD720